Customizing ArcMap

Elementary Customization


ArcMap comes with a standard default toolbar that may not necessarily contain all tools that are required to complete tasks efficiently.  My task was to create two customized toolbars, labeled Handy and Data in ArcMap to streamline the research process.  The first toolbar – Handy – contains the following tools: Spatial Join, Add Field, Feature to Raster, Summary Statistics, and Weighted Overlay.  The Drop-down menu-analysis-contains tools for Average Nearest Neighbor, Cluster and Outlier Analysis, and the add-in tool EasyCalculate10.  The second toolbar named Data contains the following four tools: Append, Build Raster Attribute Table, Create Address Locator, and Create Geostatistical layer.

Analysis Procedures

Using the customize mode in ArcGIS 10.6.1, I created two toolbars named Handy and Data.  I added five tools, a drop-down menu and two additional tools plus the add-in utility to the drop-down menu.  I also added Context menu – Open Table Showing Selected Features.  Next, I added two fields, XCenter and YCenter in the attribute table of the Police Districts layer.  Using the add-in utility-EasyCalculate 10 – I then calculated X and Y center coordinates for each police district polygon.  Finally, I edited the Oleander geodatabase to keep.







Map showing the two custom toolbars added to ArcMap

Application & Reflection

I am currently working on a project using Medicare data to evaluate healthcare utilization rates among coal miners.  I can see the advantage of adding a customized toolbar for repetitive tasks such as running, cluster- outlier analysis, adding fields, summarizing results, etc.