AutoCAD Integration

Using AutoCAD to Develop a Geodatabase


NC State University campus planning and facilities management want to develop a geodatabase to manage both current and future buildings and other facilities better.

Analysis Procedures

NC State University provided master plan files in CAD. The overall strategy was to georeference Master plan files of NC State campus along with the Orthophoto, create a geodatabase and then import streets, buildings (existing and future), lake, sidewalks, athletic fields, and streams/creeks shapefiles.  ArcGIS 10.6.1 was used for the analysis.

First, I added NC State master plan polyline and polygon CAD files in ArcMap. I then added campus orthophoto to the table of contents and set the coordinate system to NAD 1983 State Plane North Carolina FIPS 3200 Feet.  I used the georeferenced tool (fit to display) to fit the two master plan CAD files to the orthophoto file.  I used scaled and shift to align the master plan files to the orthophoto image.

There were several features that were supposed to be polygons but were saved as polylines.  These include existing buildings, future buildings, lakes, and rocky branch.  I selected, exported, and then converted, one by one, these feature classes to polygons and imported them into the geodatabase.  The streets and the sidewalk were also imported into the geodatabase.



Application & Reflection

AutoCAD can be used in public health engineering (also called health and safety engineering). Public health engineers are responsible for maintaining and managing environmental health programs in cities and counties.  They are involved in developing and designing tools and systems to protect people’s health. 

Problem: the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina wants to establish a wastewater system in the rapidly growing population in the South of the county with daily flows >3000 total gallons per day

Data needed: Master plan for drainage and wastewater systems in Mecklenburg County.  The raster image of the south side of Mecklenburg County. 

Procedure: use the master plan of the development of South Mecklenburg County and georeferenced to the image.